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Leeds Inspirational Education Talks

New events for 2018! The Leeds Inspirational Education Talks feature national speakers in a one hour showcase. We have three speakers who are each making significant contributions to the national education agenda.


Ross McGill (1 March, 1830-1930, Rose Bowl)


Ross Morrison McGill is an experienced school leader with over 20 years of work in state schools across London. He has significant understanding of how to unpick the complexities of school life, improving the quality of professional development, well-being and whole-school teaching and learning. As a result of his national profile as the leading contributor and organiser of online CPD, he is frequently asked to speak at national conferences to reflect on educational developments and education policy. 


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Andy Griffith (7 March, 1545-1645, Elland Road)


Andy Griffith will explore how we teach content with the end in mind rather than in a linear fashion so that students know in advance what levels of knowledge, attitude, skills and habits they will be expected to achieve. He will look at how we define and de-mystify ambitious goals, and the importance of establishing students’ starting points before delivering the lessons. In addition, Andy will focus on how we ensure that learners consistently make great progress over time and he will provide strategies for planning a curriculum that engages students and provides the right level of challenge. 


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Cat Williams (20 June, 1830-1930, Rose Bowl)


Cat Williams is a relationship counsellor, personal coach, writer, speaker and expert on resilience, relationships and emotional well-being for the media, including the BBC and ITV. She is the founder of ‘Stay Calm and Content’ and the author of the multiple 5* reviewed ‘Stay Calm and Content No Matter What Life Throws At You’.She is a passionate speaker, genuinely concerned about the emotional well-being of young people today. The novel expression of her exploratory, open approach reveals an intellectual curiosity that is infectious. Catch her if you can!


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16 Jan 2018

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