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New MyLearning Website Launches in Leeds, a national website of free teaching resources from arts, cultural and heritage organisations managed by Leeds Museums and Galleries relaunched on the 14th June at an event at Leeds City Museum. The event also celebrated the launch of the Leeds Curriculum, a new one-stop resource for primary school teachers across Leeds. Hosted online via, the Leeds Curriculum features 50 ‘stories’ taken from the city’s rich cultural history which can be used by teachers to deliver exciting lessons in the classroom.

Sharon Watson, chair of the Leeds 2023 Independent Steering Group, said


“The Leeds Curriculum is a fantastic idea which will put arts, culture and pride in the city at the heart of our children’s education. They will get to grow up in city that offers them access to arts education as well as the greatest artists from across the globe mixing with our own home-grown talent, all ensuring they grow up with the confidence, skills, wellbeing and ambitions they deserve.”


MyLearning hosts the Leeds Curriculum, and from September it will also host a growing selection of resources to accompany the Loans Boxes, as part of the Leeds Museums and Galleries new Primary School Membership Scheme. This is available to purchase on Leeds for Learning now, and gives member schools the opportunity to support their curriculum teaching by loaning real, accessioned objects from the Leeds Museums and Galleries collections into the classroom. Leeds Museums and Galleries Lifelong Learning Manager, Kate Fellows, who has been behind the setting up of the Membership Scheme said at the launch


“The membership scheme is all about supporting teachers to push the boundaries of object learning in the classroom in a holistic and cross-curricular way by giving them not just carefully curated selections of topic linked objects, but also the resources and planning support that they need to get the best out of them.”


All member or prospective member schools will undertake initial object handling training in advance of borrowing loans boxes. The next opportunity to undertake this training will be on 4th July at the Leeds Discovery Centre from 4-5pm. Book on Leeds for Learning, or for more information email

22 Jun 2018

Emily Nelson
Leeds Museums and Galleries
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