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ERASMUS+ LELETO (Leading to Learn Together) Handbook

Between 2016 and 2018, Leeds participated in an exciting education programme that was a new collaboration with four European countries. Leading to Learn Together (LELETO) is an ERASMUS+ funded programme, which compared innovative approaches to the professional development of teachers in a variety of schools and education contexts in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland and Leeds.

The general aim of the LELETO project was to develop a new approach towards qualitative school-based professional development of teachers. There were five learning visits during 2017 to the United Kingdom, Poland, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. During the learning activities each partner had an opportunity to share the best practice of school-based professional development by arranging visits to different institutions: pre-schools, schools (vocational, special and private schools included), universities, education centres and other institutions. Participants of the learning activities observed lessons, took part in discussions and identified the most valuable experiences.


The outcome of the two-year project was to develop a handbook, in a variety of languages, comprising of over 50 cases studies of good and innovative practice relating to the professional development of teachers at all key stages. 

The case studies will hopefully lead to further contact, and sharing of good practice, between schools across the partnership countries. This handbook is now available here. Please do download this and use the contents to further develop your own school’s or setting’s provision!

07 Jan 2019

Kevin Paynes
11-19 Learning Improvement
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