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Ways to make knowledge stick

How to do this……. the million dollar question! As teachers we often complain that after an apparently successful lesson, series of lessons and/or assessment, pupils have forgotten content.

The new Ofsted Inspection Framework says

“Learning can be defined as an alteration in long-term memory. If nothing has altered in long-term memory, nothing has been learned. In order to develop understanding, pupils connect new knowledge with existing knowledge. Pupils also need to develop fluency and unconsciously apply their knowledge as skills. This must not be reduced to, or confused with, simply memorising facts. Inspectors will be alert to unnecessary or excessive attempts to simply prompt pupils to learn glossaries or long lists of disconnected facts.”

We have put together some ideas which could support you in advising teachers.

03 Jun 2019

Rachel Morton
Special Educational Needs and Inclusion Team (SENIT)
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