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The New Age of Professional Learning: Where Could Disciplined Inquiry Fail?

“Every teacher needs to improve, not because they are good enough, but because they can be even better” Dylan Wiliam 

Research states that improving teaching and leadership development will have the most impact on student outcomes.  As leaders we need to ensure that there is a
profound change in leaders’ and teachers’ practice such that there is a real change in a student’s learning behaviours. Not just a superficial reflection but a more rigorous approach.  


We are delighted to be working in partnership with Huntington Research School and providing opportunities for local schools to attend evidence informed events which can significantly shift teachers' understanding of what works well in their classrooms.


Huntington Research School have developed a disciplined inquiry approach to their teacher appraisal.  They will share their insights and experiences into how they have successfully implemented the disciplined inquiry across school, and give an honest account and ‘heads up’ to the possible pitfalls and concerns as evidenced through their own journey, and also through supporting other schools.  They will provide leaders with a comprehensive package of advice and resources which will support a successful whole school implementation and evaluation of the methodology.



Leaders will have a deep understanding of how to successfully implement the disciplined inquiry across whole school which will result in their teachers thinking deeply using evidence informed approaches about their own practice and will be confident in monitoring and evaluating the impact of changes to their practice. 



When: Friday 4th October, 12:30pm - 3.30pm,

Where: The Moyes Centre 

Cost: From £95


For more details visit:




29 Jul 2019

Liz Canning
11-19 Learning Improvement
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