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Disciplined Inquiry - a year on...

We have completed our first year of looking at a more evidenced informed approach to the Leading Learning Partnership (LLP) through a disciplined inquiry (DI) process. 


A whole partnership approach to the disciplined inquiry is an ambitious target, however we are delighted to see that in our 2019 impact questionnaire, 66% of LLP members (an increase of 24%) have stated that the disciplined inquiry is now used in their department.   During the summer term’s SLDMs and conferences, many subject leaders have specifically commented on useful the DI process has been; some evaluative comments include:

- As always, the focus was on improving our practice in order to benefit our learners. DI focused on improving outcomes for disadvantaged learners. Support from LLP has underpinned the success of DI. (Drama Subject leader)


- Inspired by colleagues' Huntington research projects (Art subject leader)

- Great chance to see how other colleagues have worked on their DI projects, (MFL subject leader)

- Disciplined Inquiry is a good idea that will help team focus on approach and purpose (English Subject leader)

So what’s next?

In response to the senior leader’s discussions, Huntington Research School has devised a support package for senior leaders and research leads on how to successfully implement the DI process across whole school.  The ‘New Age to Professional Learning’ half day training is available on the 4th October, 12.30pm - 3.30pm and is open to both primary and secondary schools and settings.  Colleagues from Huntington Research School will provide leaders with a comprehensive toolkit and an honest reflection, based on their own experiences, of “what not to do”.  


For more information and booking:


Primary: http://www.leedsforlearning.co.uk/Event/100080


LLP members secondary:  http://www.leedsforlearning.co.uk/Event/89186


Non LLP members secondary: http://www.leedsforlearning.co.uk/Event/100068


20 Sep 2019

Liz Canning
11-19 Learning Improvement
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