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Primary Pupils' Reading Programme Shows Effective Way for Schools to Help Close Disadvantage Gap

Education Endowment Foundation News Alert:


The reading skills of primary pupils can be boosted by an additional +2 months when teachers get them to think about, question and summarise different texts, according to the independent evaluation of an EEF trial of 'Reciprocal Reading', just published.


Sir Kevan Collins, Chief Executive, EEF, writes: 

"These findings give schools more evidence on the best ways to boost reading outcomes for their pupils. They add to a large body of evidence that show the positive
impact that small-group programmes can have for pupils struggling with literacy. Targeted interventions should be an important part of every school’s literacy strategy."


The full report from the EEF can be read here

09 Oct 2019

Patsy Lyttle
Leeds Year of Reading
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