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50 Things to Do Before You're Five

To celebrate the 4th annual Baby Week we are pleased to let you know that schools are now able to order resources, and training, for the brilliant 50 Things To Do Before You’re Five project.


Please visit the service page on Leeds for Learning for more information and to view the range of services and products available.


A large number of schools and settings across the country are using the 50 Things project to further engage parents/ carers in learning.


Each activity has been designed with parent and professionals in order to ensure that children are entering school ready to learn; the project is part of the city wide 3A’s strategy and is aimed to help increase Good Levels of Development at the end of Early Years throughout the city.

50 Things to Do before You’re Five is an Free Mobile App for parents and carers giving low cost/ no cost activities to do with children to help promote language and communication development.


Each ‘Thing’ provides:

  • examples of activities to try,
  • stories to share,
  • information on why the activity is important,
  • what you will need in order to do the activity,
  • where and when you can do it
  • words to use,
  • resources to look at and
  • further research and articles linked to each activity.


The app allows users to record completion of the activities and save memories such as photos and videos which they can then share with family members or with school. 


We already have every children's centre in Leeds, all the Little Owls Nurseries and 26 Leeds Primary schools engaged with the project and we would love to grow the 50 Things family.


So join the adventure and get in touch! If you would like more information e mail

04 Nov 2019

Karen Clay
50 Things to Do Before You’re Five
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