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Walking, cycling or scooting to school are easy ways to stay mentally and physically fit, but the benefits don’t stop there! The more people get to school under their own steam, the fewer cars there’ll be pumping out nasty pollutants, so we can all breathe cleaner, fresher air.

Neighbours will thank you too: less congestion means fewer complaints and healthier local relationships. Parents can avoid the stressful ‘school run’, and children arrive home again having had a chance to unwind and stretch their legs!

Modeshift STARS

Loads of schools in Leeds are doing brilliant work to promote sustainable travel, but some struggle to get students, staff and parents on board.  Modeshift STARS is an accreditation scheme that supports the development and implementation of School Travel Plans and recognises schools that have shown excellence in supporting cycling, walking and other forms of sustainable travel.


The scheme is completely free of charge for schools.


Leeds already has 120 schools signed up, if you’re not one of them, why not get in touch and get involved? Visit https://www.modeshiftstars.org/

To find out more, please contact travelwise@leeds.gov.uk. If your school is already registered and you want to submit for accreditation, the deadline is 31 December 2019.

Clean Air Toolkit

Teachers often ask us what they can do about air quality. Our Clean Air Toolkit includes facts, lesson plans and suggestions on how to make your school environment a healthier place for everyone. There’s one for KS1 and one for KS2. 

For your free Clean Air Toolkit, email travelwise@leeds.gov.uk

Be Bright Be Seen

Drivers who are distracted, speeding or using phones risk causing injury or worse. At this dark time of year, remind drivers to pay extra care around schools. Students can help by wearing or carrying something bright (day) and reflective (night), and those on bikes must use bike lights. Winter means that drivers need to be alert to extra hazards, which include people who may, for whatever reason, be hard to see.

We’ve got goody bags of ‘hi-vis’ stuff for the first 10 schools to email road.safety@leeds.gov.uk.


This blog has more about ‘Be Bright Be Seen’.

Free scooters

If your school is doing any healthy travel initiatives, let us know and we’ll put you in our draw to win some scooters. Forward a couple of sentences about your initiatives to travelwise@leeds.gov.uk. the deadline is 30 November 2019.

12 Nov 2019

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