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Skipping Breakfast linked to Lower Grades

Researchers from Leeds University have published an article in 'Frontiers in Public Health' about their recent study that demonstrated a link between eating breakfast and grades in secondary schools. 


The research found that students who rarely ate breakfast achieved nearly two grades lower than their peers who rarely missed breakfast. 


Find the full article HERE


The Health and Wellbeing Service are currently working with Lead researcher Dr Katie Adolphus from Leeds University to develop a resource for schools on Breakfast; this should be available to schools in the New Year. 


Schools can also learn more about running effective Breakfast and After School clubs, and ensure that they are meeting the School Foods Standard, on the forthcoming Breakfast or After School Club training session on Tuesday 28 January.


Healthy Breakfasts not only enhance attainment and achievement, but Breakfast clubs can also assist schools in improving attendance. The training course will include information to help you to access free food or funding and give tips and recipes for healthy meals. 


Find out more about this course and book your place here

03 Dec 2019

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