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Don’t Forget to Switch Off your School’s Heating this Christmas – or Yule be Sorry!

Many school buildings have a history of leaving their heating on during school
holidays and weekends. The costs of doing this add up significantly over time.

You may be aware that Leeds City Council has declared a Climate Emergency and is
committed to making Leeds a more sustainable, carbon neutral city by 2030. We
need the help and cooperation of the whole city to achieve this.

Switching off your school’s heating while the building is empty is a simple way to save
money, and make a big difference to your school’s carbon footprint.



During the Christmas period last year (in which very few schools opened their doors)
council-operated schools spent a combined total of approximately £205,110
heating their buildings and, as a result, emitted more than 1,179 tonnes of
carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

The savings for individual schools are also quite significant. On average, heating
over this same holiday period cost each primary school £395 and each secondary
school £3,870. Over the course of a year, your school could save thousands of
pounds by minimising heating spend over holidays and half-terms.

Of course, you may decide to keep your school heated on these days for various
valid reasons—such as planned maintenance or teacher training—however if nobody
will use school buildings for extended periods of time then we encourage you to
turn down your heating systems to frost protection mode.

If you are worried about the school’s temperature before teachers/students return, we
advise that you set your school’s heating to come on a few hours earlier than
normal on the day that you return.

We would also suggest that your school compare water meter readings both before
and after the holidays. This is one of the best ways to identify leakages. Any
high usage will indicate that there is a leak that will require remedial
action, saving you money and reducing waste.

04 Dec 2019

Rebecca Watson
Energy Unit
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