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'Sir Linkalot' - Award-Winning Spelling App - Free Access for Children during School Closures

Hello everyone,

We have resourced a fun and innovative app called 'Sir Linkalot' that is transforming how spelling is taught, especially for those tricky common exception words, all the way from was, two and they up to accommodation, manoeuvre and even onomatopoeia! The app is achieving incredible results, especially for those children who find spelling an issue. It's amazing.


Sir Linkalot has kindly given free access to all UK schools and parents, for the next 12 weeks, to enable children to practise at home. There are two obvious benefits: 1), it would most definitely raise their literacy levels and, 2), it would make life a whole lot easier for the parents and carers! Each bundle of 20 words contains two forms of testing so they could challenge themselves and their brothers and sisters and other family members as they can also use the code.

To find out what it's all about, please follow the link (you'll be hooked in within 10 seconds when the boy says 'I was terrible at it')...The Future of Spelling 

It is not solely for spelling, however. It's covering the whole of the technical requirements of literacy, i.e vocabulary, homophones, punctuation, grammar, rules and patterns. So, it very much applies to senior school children. You will see in the above clip that Countdown's Susie Dent is on the app as 'Susie Lexicographer' who will tell you the etymology of words that have an interesting story to tell.


If you want to have a play, download it from an online store. Tap on the log icon (for 'Log in') at the top right, clicking on ''Sir Linkalot's Code (schools only)''. Type 'Free' in the username and the access code is also the word 'Free'. You can also view it on a laptop or PC. Type in the browser itself (not a search engine)...app.sirlinkalot.org and follow the above instructions.

Many dyslexia associations endorse the approach as, it's proven, that visual resources are the most powerful way to commit something to memory.

In January, Sir Linkalot won the  'Best Educational App' award at this year's Bett Show in London - the world's largest Edtech exhibition.


Take a look at this (you'll see him coming out with some dance moves halfway through!)....And the winner is...

If you would like to give it to your parents, then please email Andy (andysalmon@sirlinkalot.org) who will send you a letter to forward to them.

The headteacher in the 'Future of Spelling' clip, says it all....

''Sir Linkalot will become the basis for how our children learn to spell.''

A game-changer.

24 Mar 2020

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