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Learning New Skills at Meadowfield Primary

We were delighted to hear from Meadowfield Primary School who wanted to let us know about the new skills their KS1 and 2 children have been learning in school.

They told us:

‘School might not be quite the same at the moment but it is certainly allowing children to try new things and develop skills in areas of the curriculum that they have little experience of! Our KS2 children wanted to say ‘thank you’ in a different way. They developed models of key workers, the unsung heroes of our communities. Once they were complete they practiced taking short video clips, painstakingly altering every movement for the camera. Once they were happy with the moving images that wrote short scripts and added their voices to the movie. “We practiced over and over to create the final video” - Macie-Leigh Y4 “A lot of research about our communities services was involved” - Shanique from Y6 explained. The adults in school helped with the understanding that these people are now front line workers supporting us all to
be safe.

The children in KS1 began the week thinking about their heroes and what they do for them. They thought about their families and people in school. “We looked at some superhero characters that we know” - Luka, Y1 After that the children looked at key workers and why they are our heroes. We thought about why they are special and how they are helping us to be happy, safe and positive about the difficult time. “I liked making the pink cape on the post person” - Lily, Nursery 

As part of the project our Red Kite catering team came to visit in class and brought us some treats. We think that they are heroes in our school. “They cook healthy lunches make us strong” - Daisy, Y2 We also looked at what our site team and cleaners are doing to keep us safe in school. “We have to wash our hands and use the gel” - Polina, Y1 2 ‘

Please see the school bulletin attached for some super images and more information.

18 May 2020

Patsy Lyttle
Leeds for Learning
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