Comprehensive pest control service for you!

Pest Control

What We Do

Our Pest Control Team can provide a comprehensive pest control service to your school. We offer expert advice, a rapid response and a service tailored to suit your needs from individual treatments to annual service level agreements.

Who Are We?

We have been providing cost effective pest control services to residents, partners and businesses for over 30 years. During this time we have specialised in providing a bespoke service to schools and academies, now having over 60 educational establishments as customers across Leeds.

What we Offer

Our Officers are fully qualified and each have many years of experience. We are all members of the National Pest Technicians Association. We understand the typical pest issues that affect educational environments, also when and where they can occur. We will work with you offering expert advice and can tailor the service to suit your needs and requirements. We offer a rapid response and can be onsite within hours if necessary with no hidden charges.
Pest control is so much more that simply using pesticides to control pests and we are committed to ensuring a safe and pest free school environment. We combine a non-toxic monitoring and prevention regime, with the use of modern approved pesticides and control techniques as and when required.
The benefits of using our services include;
  • Responsive attendance by qualified and experienced officers, all DBS checked
  • Prevention of damage to food stuffs, property and your schools reputation
  • Compliance with “best practice” concerning Food Hygiene and Health & Safety regulations
  • Free professional advice regarding pest prevention measures, how to avoid pest problems, i.e.
housekeeping and structural/ proofing measures
  • Maintenance of electronic fly killer units
  • Due diligence compliance – through reporting and record keeping
  • Peace of mind that comes with all the above and the knowledge we are only a telephone call or e mail away
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